Frequently Asked Questions

To save you some time, please take a peek at some of our frequently asked questions.

General FAQ's

Simply use our Request Form and specify your boat’s Manufacturer, Make/Model, and Year.

We accept Mastercard and Visa cards and checks by mail.

The installation is quite simple, you will need a few tools, a drill, bits, and several different wrenches. The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and an installation tutorial upon request.

Yes, please visit our Gallery page to see photos of our work. 

Flip-Stow Platform tested with over 600 pounds.

The optional vents (with or without lighting) are simply cosmetic.  Many people believe the vents allow the surge of water to pass through the platform after stopping hard, which of course it does.  We haven't experienced or heard of any problems with our platforms dragging or digging in on a steep takeoff or hard stops.

You can use your own ladder or request a new 2, 3, or 4 rung ladder to meet your specifications.

- Size

- Color

- Ladder Pocket

- Ladder Position

- Ladder Type

- Molding

- Vents

- Vents Lighting

- Flip Stow

- Euro (beveled edge)

- Hydro-Turf Matting

- Transom or Deck mount

Simply provide us with some digital photos of your boat, so we can determine platform compatibility and installation options.

The Flat Top simply mounts on top of your existing integrated deck and the Split Level which is attached to the transom.

Platform prices are subject to change without notice.

Template FAQ's​

Yes, every swim platform we build begins with the approximated size and shape of the customer’s boat to guarantee a proper fit.

The platform building process begins upon the return of the template kit from the customer. From this time, platform building can take between 4-6 weeks depending on demand.

Our template kits are simply made and can be created at home by the customer in the event of a kit being lost or destroyed. Another kit can be sent out if necessary.

Shipping FAQ's​

Depending on the size and model, we ship platforms either in shrink-wrap plastic or a sturdy wooden crate. All platforms are sent via ground shipping routes and can take anywhere from 7-10 business days depending on distance.

All shipments from are insured by the sender and a claim will need to be filed with the logistics company to proceed with repairs. Repairs can be done at local fiberglass specialists or certain marinas.

We recommend shipping the platform directly to the installer.

Even our smaller platforms can weigh at least 60 so a team-lift is required at the very least. Our larger crates may require a forklift or other lifting equipment to safely unload.

Installation FAQ's​

We recommend contacting a local marine specialist or boat repair facility to have the platform installed. This will contribute to additional cost however we recommend this method as it is the safest and easiest way to have a platform installed.

We do offer installations to our local customers in Phoenix, Arizona. Installation is not included in the swim-platform price.

Maintenance FAQ's

We recommend soap and water, the material used in the platform can be cared for similarly to the outside of the boat.

We recommend contacting a local fiberglass specialist for repairs or professional finishing.

Please contact us if you don’t see your question here.