About Swim Platform

Swim-Platform.com began in 2004 as a sister company to Salt River Marine Inc., a former marine repair facility in Phoenix, Arizona. While Salt River Marine Inc. had to formally close its doors in 2016, Swim-Platform.com continues to build and satisfy customers.

Our Services

While the primary focus is building custom swim platforms for almost every make and model of boat less than 60’, we offer maintenance as well as installation of swim platforms.


Why Swim-Platform?

Economic Solutions

To begin building our platforms, we will first send out a templating kit to the customer to get precise measurements and angles found on the stern of the boat. Using these measurements, we are able to build any platform to fit the boat as well as the customer's budget. 

Extensive customization

Whether our customers are wanting extra space or a spectacle on the water, we offer options such as handrails, lighted vents, specialized "hydro-turf" decking, accessory mounting plates (table/grill base), molding to match the original on the boat, etc. We also have the option of hinging the platform to save space with storage. We hope to give the customer every option possible to elevate their boating experience.

Exceptional Quality

Our platforms are built-to-order fiberglass decks reinforced with structural marine balsa wood. Our decks are covered in a color-matched gel-coat with a non-skid texture to give a "factory" finish as well as a safe area. Using 1-inch thick-wall stainless-steel supports underneath, our decks are supported and sturdy for any day on the water.