boat swim platform

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boat swim platform



The platform has been a terrific addition to our boating experience. Prior to adding the extra 38" depth to the boat, the stern of the boat was really cut off from use. You can see the engine box tucked in the platform, and of course the stern drive is immediately under that. With those exposed, the rear sundeck was almost dangerous for kids to hang out on - never would you want them to dive off of it, that's for sure. Today we can hold 6 - 7 kids on it, or 4 adults easily. And although it is not part of your normal production, the ski tow assembly is terrific and remarkably strong.

Thanks again for all your hard work in making this possible - we greatly appreciate it. We could NOT have done this with anyone else.


PS - Notice the boat 'tilts' backward - this is NOT from the platform or the people on it - this is normal with an i/o pontoon, especially one that long.

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