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boat swim platform


Thank You Salt River Marine,

Kraig, the swim platform that you made for me turned out for better than I could have ever hoped for.

Needless to say that I was a bit concerned as to the whole procedure of installing a swim platform myself and looked into having it professionally installed through other companies at considerably more expense.

Thanks to your help and support I choose Salt River Marine to custom make the perfect swim platform and couldn't be happier.  (continue testimonial)

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From start to finish it was a pleasant experience. The first step of making the template was a quick and easy task thanks to the instruction package and tools supplied with the kit.

When the platform arrived it was more than I could have hoped for. The recessed ladder & the ornament style drain plates added quite an appeal to the quality of the platform.

The installation instruction were simple with detailed step by step pictures explaining each step and the hardware package contained everything to complete the job.

Above all I'd have to say that the support I got from Kraig was the most important factor to me.

I would highly recommend to anyone, coast to coast, that is looking for a quality swim platform at a fair price with a great support team that they should contact Salt River Marine.

Thanks Again for all your support, I look forward to working with you down the road.


Jim McDowall


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