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boat swim platform





Here are some "action" pics of the swim platform. It truly has re-defined how we use the boat, since it provides so much space to either just hang out or have fun with. Our boy uses it as a diving platform. I use it as a place to grille up lunch or we sit on it at the dock to just chill out with our feet in the water. There is absolutely no way we could comfortably have seven people aboard our 24-footer without it, but with the platform there was room for that many people to come out with us this weekend. It lets us keep an inflated towable back there easily, we keep the cooler there to free up the cockpit space, and it makes it SO much easier to get wakeboarders in and out of the water.
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Everyone is impressed with the quality and it blends in with the boat as if it was factory. The ladder and ladder pocket are in the perfect location for maximum space usage and easy entry.

We figure we saved $5,000 by buying it. Without it, we'd need a couple more feet of boat to accommodate as many people.

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