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How do I order a swim platform?
Simply use our
Request Form and specify your boats Manufacturer, Make/Model and Year.


Do you accept credit cards?
We accept mastercard and visa cards and checks by mail.


Is it difficult to install the boat swim-platform?
The installation is quite simple, you will need a few tools, a drill, bits and several different wrenches. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions and an installation tutorial upon request.


Do you have other pictures of your boat platforms?
Yes, visit our
Testimonial page for additional photo galleries.


How much weight will the Flip-Stow Platform support?
Flip-Stow Platform tested with over 600 pounds.


What is the purpose of the vents?
The optional vents (with or without lighting) are simply cosmetic.  Many people believe the vents allow the surge of water to pass through the platform after  stopping hard, which of course it does.  We haven't experienced or heard of any problems with our platforms dragging or digging in on a steep takeoff or hard stops.


Does the platform come with a ladder?
You can use your own ladder or request a new 2, 3 or 4 rung ladder to meet your specifications.


What options are available on custom platforms?


- Size

- Color

- Transom or Deck mount


- Ladder Pocket

- Ladder Position

- Ladder Type


- Molding

- Vents

- Vents Lighting


- Flip Stow

- Euro (beveled edge)

- Hydro-Turf Matting


Any problems with trim tabs or external steering?
Simply provide us with some digital photos of your boat, so we can determine platform compatibility and installation options.


What is the difference between the Split Level and Flat Top mount?

The Flat Top simply mounts on top of your existing integrated deck and the Split Level which is attached to the transom.


What are the prices for a Custom Boat Swim Platform?

Platform prices are subject to change without notice.


Swim Platform -
- Ladder Pocket Cover Included
Flip-Stow Platform Model
Euro Platform Model
Pontoon Platform Model
Cruiser Platform Model  (starts at)
$ 1229.00
Capri Model
68" x 22" Platform
$ 829.00
77" x 22" Platform
$ 929.00
Fun-Step Platform
- Platform shippable via UPS to your door
50" x 22" Platform
$ 565.00
64" x 22" Platform
$ 665.00
One-Step & Two-Step Platforms
- Platform shippable via UPS to your door
Single Step Platform
$ 269.00
Dual Step Platform
$ 470.00
Installed Ladders
$ 110.00
3-Rung (Recommend for Euro & Cruiser Platform)
$ 155.00
$ 175.00
Vents (each)
$   65.00
With Lighting
$ 165.00
Hydro-Turf Matting
Storage Compartment
$ 275.00
Stainless Steel Railing (Price per/foot)
$   45.00


*CALL:  Complete the Request Form with shipping location
               and platform options for a price quote.
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